Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Saving Three..

At our MOPS group, we had a speaker that talked about the importance of relaxing, rejuvenating, all of that good stuff.  She also told us about her friend, a practicing pediatrician, who endured medical school, working 24 hour shifts plus, all of that.  When she had kids, she took time off practicing to be a stay at home mom.  Ladies, she said there was no time more tiring in her life than being a stay at home mom, not being at the hospital for 36 straight hours, not being a working mom of kids in school, or not being a medical student.  Isn't this comforting!? Not the hearing of another woman's struggle, but that someone who has a very trying, time-consuming career can not only relate but speak out about how difficult this stay-at-home mom job is.  After a couple weeks with a sick baby (nothing serious, but ear infection, sinus infection/strep), I thought I'd blog about three things that really get me through the long days:)

COFFEE, I love the way you make me feel, and you help get me through so much....Sophia Bush posted this picture a few weeks ago, and I loved it so much.  

Talking to other moms.  Whether it be your mom, a family member, or friend, I've learned the importance of talking to someone that gets it.  Empathy is everything when you're struggling with littles, so I think its so awesome and great to have a community, or select few, of moms to have in your corner:).  This picture is from the trailer #BadMoms which I can't wait to see!

I feel like it's SO important to have something to look forward to each day.  As I type that, it sounds a little pessimistic, because we love being with and raising our kids, that's a blessing in itself!  BUT, I think it's so important to find something for YOU to look forward to!  Whether it be lunch alone, a short trip to the gym, or early morning silence.  Whatever it may be, find something to look forward to each day :)

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