Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm so inconsistent with Friday favorites right now, but I love linking up with AndreaNarci, and Erika !  There are so many favorites during my favorite time of the year, so here are a few ten :)
I blogged about my special girls' day with this cutie.  Spoiler alert: We saw a movie and it was FUN.

Every so often I have an aha moment where I think, "I really need to be wearing purple eyeliner right now!!"  I LOVE when people with green eyes wear purple eyeliner, and my eyes are typically pretty blue (randomly a little green), and I look for the little extra pop that the purple gives.  I think it's holiday season inspired!?  Anyways, I always get this brand because it's pretty subtle, and I can use a smudge brush to darken the purple with black, or enhance with light color. It's long lasting, too.   Another favorite but more of a splurge is this, which is definitely more bold.  


The Elf came!! Her name is Trixie, and I naively thought Trixie would be eliminating any and all tantrums since she reports to Santa nightly, but I was sadly mistaken :).  She is a hit, though.  We did a little breakfast with Shay's monkey bread!  (recipe from her book).  I captured Kaylee's face when she first saw the elf, and I love it.

Also, thanks to Shay, I made reindeer food for an ornament exchange I went to last weekend with my MIL and SIL!  YUM.

I swear I have 2938209348 lists going this time of year.  I have a lot on my phone, but a lot of times I feel like I need a hard copy.  I picked up this adorable little journal from Burlington for, wait for it..... $2.99 !!!!  I'm such a sucker for a journal in general, but this has been a great one to have on hand for all of my lists and fits perfectly in my purse.

Okay, so I'm currently reading this book, and it's good intense.  The title sounded so familiar, so I did a little research and learned that it was a largely controversial book because it was put in the genre of nonfiction, but it later came out that there were many "embellishments" as the author calls them.  I remember he was on Oprah and it was a whole thing.  I'm pretty sucked in, so I'm still going to read it with the perspective that it's "nonfiction-ish".  I'll report back once I'm finished.  

My dad got this advent calendar for Kaylee to have at his and my mom's house, and it is just the cutest thing!  In each little box there are pieces of the nativity set.  Now, she's having fun putting them in and out and setting up the scene, but when she's older I think it'll be fun to take out one for each day(like it's designed for) and talk about the significance of everything.  It's so cute.  

I was on the look out for some holiday shoes for Kaylee, and I found these for her at Walmart.  She LOVES them (like wants to sleep in them loves them), the strap isn't too tight that it leaves a mark or too loose that her shoes fall off. Perfection.   They had lots of cute options here, and even some others in the store!  

It's hard to see the dress in the picture, but I got this dress from Forever 21 (non maternity) when I was pregnant with Kaylee.  It's maroon/red, long-sleeved, and is shorter in the front and longer in the back.  I would typically be a s/m, but I got a large and it works really well with pregnancy!  Stretchy and not awkwardly tight in some spots.  I couldn't find the exact but found a few other really cute, inexpensive holiday dresses from there that look similar.

I have been blogging here and there about pregnancy! I forgot so many things and this time feels pretty different than with Kaylee girl.  This cardigan and cami are another fav that Gerald got me!

I'm ready for the weekend!! We have breakfast with Santa tomorrow, so check back next week for the fun holiday things we've been up to.  Have a fab weekend!